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Candle Care

Love Your Wick

Look after me and I’ll look after you!

Follow a few simple steps each time you light your Quaintrelle Candle to enjoy up to 70 hours of sweet, sweet fragrance.

Quaintrelle Candle with hand

When first lighting, ensure you have 3-4 hours to sit back and relax. This allows the wax pool to reach the edge of the container and prevents the “tunnelling” effect that occurs with repeated short burns. After your first burn, we recommend not burning for longer than five hours at a time.

When lighting your candle, always place on a level, fire resistant surface, away from anything flammable, and out of reach from furry friends (or tiny hands). Keep your candle free from any foreign material, such as wick trimmings and matches that could become a fire hazard.

Slip, Slop, Slap! Soy wax is sensitive to light so keep away from sunlight and fluorescents or you may notice your candle sporting a yellowish tan.

We add fragrance like we pour drinks… a little heavy handed. While that means your room will be filled with heavenly scents, it also means you will see a little “mushrooming” on your wick. Never fear; trim your wick to 5mm each time you light to keep the wick straight and maximise burn time. We advise not burning your candle for longer than 5 hours at a time.

Candles burn best in still air, as draughts will cause uneven melting and potential smoking. If you can’t avoid draughts, turn your candle periodically to keep it neat.

OK, enough lecturing from us. Go and enjoy a cocktail.


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